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Futurist Keynote, Spain: The Future of Banking and Manufacturing, Wolters Kluwer



During this keynote session keynote speaker Matthew Griffin discusses the future of the financial services industry and highlights four disruptive waves that are changing how the industry operates and who the main players and competitors are and will be.


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Firstly, thank you to Laura at Wolters Kluwers for inviting me to be the keynote at their annual summit which, again for COVID related reasons was virtual, where we discussed the future of the financial services industry and how in time it could be disrupted by companies that today don’t even consider themselves to be in the same market. Even though they actually are already – even if they just don’t see it yet.


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During the presentation, which was viewed by people from around the world, I took the audience on a journey through the future where banks are disrupted by fintechs – or just “Neo Banks just with fancy digital UI’s” – and a future where fintechs are disrupted by Decentralised Finance or DeFi players. Or as most people know many of them – gaming platforms, and many other new players including you, I and anyone else who fancies spinning up their own bank and own cryptocurrencies …


Rewind and Replay, by keynote Matthew Griffin


As we stare down the barrel of Web 3.0, with its complimentary suite of powerful enabling technologies that include everything from blockchain and crypto to NFT’s and tokens, the only thing that is changing in the world of finance is everything.


Futurist Keynote, UK: Education in the Exponential Era, GEMS


No stone is being left unturned – or digitised and turned into an NFT – and no corner of the market is safe as new players from all the corners of the Earth try to create their own global payment networks, develop super apps, and monetise new things in new ways using fractional ownership models, and much more more.

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