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Webinar: The Future of Superyacht Design and HNW culture, SuperyachtNews



Superyachts builders, owners, and operators are trying to be more green and sustainable, and thanks to new innovations they’re moving the dial …


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It’s been a while since we last got together so thank you to Martin at SuperyachtNews for asking me to take part in his One on One webinar series where we investigated the future of superyachts, the community and maritime innovations, and of course high net worth (HNW) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) culture.


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Most people see superyachts as the expensive playthings of the super rich, and even though that’s often not the whole story – as is the case with the $750 Million Earth 300 scientific superyacht – it’s no surprise they became people’s go to havens during the global pandemic.


Watch the webinar with myself and Martin @SuperyachtNews


However, that asides, the industry has been pushing for years now to highlight and boost its green credentials with some manufacturers and operators believing they can use these magnificent temples to commercialism for good by using them to promote cutting edge maritime innovations such as 3D printed materials, Artificial Intelligence control systems, blockchain supply chains, digital twins, hydrogen fuels, and more.


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And, while some might scoff at the mere concept and others might compare the industry to Formula 1, Formula E’s, or even the space industry’s own lofty innovation led ambitions, there are others that simply say that if you want to show that you are an individual who takes sustainability seriously then you don’t buy a superyacht in the first place. But people do which then leads us full circle again to conversations about how we might use superyachts and the superyacht community to develop and promote the best of green maritime innovations – to save the planet. Naturally.

It seems like the ultimate irony and the ultimate debate so dive into the video above and let me know your own thoughts.

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