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Futurist Keynote, London: Investing in the Exponential Future, SRP European Conference



Incredibly powerful, and increasingly democratised, emerging technologies are transforming every sector faster than ever, and this can have dire consequences for investors if the mechanisms behind the change are not understood.


Firstly, thank you to Amelie for inviting me to be the keynote for this years 16th Annual Structured Retail Products European conference, held in sunny London, and it’s good to be back again. This year at the premier global forum for structured products we discussed everything from how structured products are created and distributed, what the product and regulatory trends are, digital disruption, and the inner workings of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the sector, and how different banks are deploying and using it.


Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of Health and Wellness, Willis Towers Watson


During my keynote I shone a light on the rise of creative machines and AI’s that are already having a profound impact on the way we curate synthetic, or so called fake data, and the impact that will have on how organisations analyse and trust information in the future, as well as their businesses and the partnerships they form. I also discussed a wide variety of other trends that, as they continue to accelerate over time, and as the cost accessing and leveraging them decreases will alter the competitive landscape and give rise to new alternative data sources, among many other topics.


Chill and <<Rewind: The full session

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