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NexGen Cloud invests $1.3 Bn to create European AI supercloud


The big tech giants are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in building new AI datacenters, NexGen is taking them on at their own game.


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NexGen Cloud, the creators of the highly anticipated Artificial Intelligence (AI) European Supercloud has announced that it will be among the first cloud providers to offer access to the brand new NVIDIA Blackwell platform within its services as part of a $1.3 Billion investment.


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This move will see NexGen Cloud leverage NVIDIA’s high-performance platform to deliver top-tier AI infrastructure and compute services, propelling its AI Supercloud offering to a new level of excellence.

Key points to note are that NexGen Cloud will focus on democratising AI, enabling more organisations to utilise this cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective, flexible, and environmentally friendly manner. The Blackwell platform allows for real-time inference on Large Language Models (LLMs) with trillions of parameters, highlighting its unrivalled efficiency. Additionally, this technology is expected to bring about significant advancements in data processing, computer-aided drug design, and quantum computing.

NexGen Cloud will be part of the first wave of elite cloud service providers to offer compute services powered by NVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform. These services will play a pivotal role in the company’s AI Supercloud, anticipated for deployment in Q2 2024.


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This represents a watershed moment in AI infrastructure and a great leap forward in technology. The pairing of NVIDIA’s Blackwell platform with NexGen’s services will enable organisations around the world to harness this transformative technology to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and make sustainable energy choices.

Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud, expressed his enthusiasm about being one of the first Elite Cloud Partners in the NVIDIA Partner Network to bring NVIDIA Blackwell-powered products to market. He said, “Through Blackwell-powered solutions, we will be able to equip customers with the most powerful GPU offerings on the market, empowering them to drive innovation, whilst achieving unprecedented efficiencies. This will help unlock new opportunities across industries and enhance the way we use AI both now and in the future.”

The new Blackwell architecture includes a plethora of innovative features which together form the world’s most powerful computer chip packed with 208 billion transistors. It was named in honour of the esteemed mathematician, David Harold Blackwell.


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Looking ahead, NexGen Cloud is committed to democratising accelerated computing on a global scale, with a vision to become the leading provider of GPUaaS solutions. Simultaneously, it aims to support and expand future technologies, tackling crucial contemporary issues in the cloud market such as cost, transparency, and accessibility.

With the deployment of Blackwell platform in its AI Supercloud, NexGen Cloud stands at the forefront of unprecedented technological advances, poised to bring the transformative power of AI to organisations and industries worldwide.

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