Making movies in virtual reality, and using gaming engines to create characters and sets, is revolutionising how blockbusters are made.


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As I’ve discussed many times before, in my blogs and keynotes, the way we make content is being revolutionised by new technology. Not only do creators today have access to new creative machines and tools that can generate virtual reality worlds from nothing more than common-a-garden video, and produce their own synthetic content that includes everything from art and blogs, to games, music, and even virtual influencers, but even the big movie studios, like MPC Film, the company behind blockbusters like Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Lion King, are using new virtual production techniques and Epic’s Unreal game engine to help them revolutionise movie making.


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Now, in a rare glimpse into the world of professional movie making, MPC have taken people behind the scenes and shown off what’s widely regarded as one of the world’s most advanced on set virtual reality systems and you can see it for yourself below:


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The platform, named Genesis, has some lofty ultimate goals, but at present it’s used to empower traditional production team members with hands-on participation in the pre-visualisation animation process using virtual reality as the medium. And as you can see it’s darn impressive – in fact it’s so impressive that it’s quickly becoming the way that all new movies are being made by directors like Jon Favreau who’s become one of the platforms greatest advocates.

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