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Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of TMT, KPMG



During this leadership session speaker and futurist Matthew Griffin discusses the future of the TMT sectors and what new business models and innovations mean for those selling into it.



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Firstly, thank you to Ian at KPMG, one of the world’s “Big Four” for inviting me into KPMG UK for the fourth time now to discuss the future of the Telco, Media, and Technology (TMT) sector to an audience of KPMG clients, leaders, and partners which included the likes of Meta, Microsoft, and many others.


Futurist Keynote, Germany: Life in 2030, RWE


During the session, which was overtly dense because of the topics I was covering, we explored a myriad of future technologies and trends that are already having and will continue to have an outsized impact on the sectors – from their business models and how they operate their businesses to how they move into new markets and enhance the customer experience.


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During the telco session I discussed the impact of everything from 5G and space based internet systems all the way through to the importance of spectrum, as well as the future of 6G and even 7G. Then, during the media section I discussed the rise of synthetic content – in all its forms – and the impact of automation on the pre and post production workflows, before finally discussing the modus operandi of today’s technology giants, their innovation moves and strategies, and how Meta and Microsoft are lining themselves up to own “entire worlds” and every part of the stack in the Metaverse.


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After the session we then went to the 12th floor and had the privilege of enjoying a meal prepared by none other than Alex Webb, the UK Masterchef winner which was as delicious as it looked.

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