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Futurist Panel Session, UK: The Future of Insurance and Diversity, EveryWoman



The insurance industry faces more opportunity than at any other point in its entire history, and the industry will need a diverse workforce to capitalise on it.


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Firstly, thank you to Maxine Benson MBE and the team at EveryWoman, who represent the interests of over 30,000 women around the world working within the insurance industry, for inviting me to join her and Nicola Millard in a panel discussion about the future of insurance and the importance of diversity and inclusion as the industry heads into an era which will be characterised by more opportunity, and more systemic risk than ever before.


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Whether that’s as a result of an increasingly connected society and world, where, as we’ve seen with Covid-19 “risk” in all its many forms can spread faster than ever before, or whether it’s because of the emergence increasingly powerful and capable technologies, from the rise of AI robo-hackers that can hack computer systems hundreds of millions of times faster than their human counterparts, autonomous vehicles – from aircraft to hackable cars and cargo ships – through to the emergence of sci-fi like in vivo gene editing technologies that can be spread through the air, or simply the weaponization of the tech we hold dear, everything is changing, and every new thing is an opportunity to be assessed, measured, and insured.



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As a consequence the sheer breadth of opportunity facing the industry is unprecedented. But it’s also as deceptive as it is exceptional which requires the industry to think in new ways, along new lines, and with new perspectives, and that’s best achieved with a diverse workforce full of people who are able to look at the world through a range of different lenses, comprehend it all, and then help build the companies who can prosper from it all, and that’s what we discuss during the session.

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