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Futurist Keynote, Greece: Cheers to the Future with Coca Cola



During this first of two virtual leadership sessions speaker and futurist Matthew Griffin discusses the future of the energy, logistics, and premium drinks sector for Coca Cola’s leadership team and their partners and its implications.


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Firstly, I would like to thanks Paula and Fotios from Coca Cola, arguably the world’s most iconic and recognisable brand, for asking me to be the opening keynote for their first in person summit since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and which because of previous travel commitments I attended virtually, albeit from a virtual bar which was “down the road.”


Coca Cola plunges into the Metaverse with pixel flavoured cola promo


During my session, which I titled Cheers to the Future, and to an audience of over 200 Coca Cola leaders and partners from across EMEA and CEEMA, together we explored the future of different aspects of Coca Cola’s business from the future of customer service and supply chains all the way through to the future of occasions for their premium spirits teams. But that wasn’t all.


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When it came to the customer service experience I discussed the rise of automated intelligent bots and digital humans, and the emergence of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI coaching systems, before progressing and running through some of the giant system level shifts that are helping make our VUCA world even more VUCA.


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I then discussed the future of supply chains, focusing on cost control, resilience, and transparency and showed the company how they can produce product and produce locally – thereby collapsing their some of their existing supply chains. Then we crossed across to energy self-sufficiency, looked into water scarcity solutions, examined the future of logistics and turned them into revenue generators rather than cost centers, before finally looking into how we can use combinations of new technologies to alter and enhance occasions and the customer experience. And I hope you enjoy the replay.

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