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Futurist on TV: The Gadget Show, Channel 5



The world of technology is moving fast, but most people experience this rate of change first through interaction with their devices and gadgets, so I lift the lid on what’s coming.


Firstly, I’d like to thank Curtis, James and the crew for inviting me to be a part of the Gadget Show’s special Future of Tech episode where we looked at what the future holds for all the gadgets and devices we hold dear, and a whole variety of other everyday items we take for granted. And please note that the video can’t be played in some countries because of copyright restrictions, so any issues just let me know.


Futurist in the press: Future of Insurance, Risk Management Solutions magazine


While the filming itself took over three hours we had to try and cram as much as we could into a three minute slot so inevitably tons of footage ended up hitting the cutting room floor, and some of what hit that floor might surprise you – including how companies can turn your WiFi routers into the ultimate radar-like spying device, the emergence of the world’s first self-evolving self-manufacturing robots, and conversational AI’s that can predict your health – and much much more. But of the edits that did make the cut, well, as you can see those included the first batteryless hypercar, cancer detecting smartphones, terminator robots, and more.


The future in 3 furious minutes

However, if you stay up to date on my blog where there are thousands of articles about the future then fear not you’ll know much more about what’s coming in the future than we were able to cram into this three minute clip.

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