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Futurist Keynote, UK: Life in 2069, Samsung



The future won’t just be a more modern version of today’s reality, it’ll be sci-fi on steroids.


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Firstly, thanks to Joni and Tanya and the wonderful team at Samsung for inviting me to give the keynote at their launch event held in the fabulous Samsung KX facility in London where again, three years on from my last visit there, we talked about Life: 2069 which would Samsung’s centennial year and a hundred years on from the development if its first “televisor.”


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During the session, which was filmed at Samsung KX and then streamed to audiences across Europe and North America because of COVID restrictions, I delved into the future of what I regard to be the foundational technologies of our time – Artificial Intelligence (AI), communications, computing, electronics, energy, and others, and then discussed the future of entertainment, where we move way beyond AI’s creating Synthetic Content, and the future of food and healthcare, and life at the age of 150.


Rewind and replay the keynote!

When you look at today’s world don’t let it be lost on you that we already live in an age that our ancestors would regard as sci-fi – if they knew what sci-fi was. And, as we fast forwards into the future we’ll be in the same position using technologies, such as DNA based AI’s and biological computers, that we all once thought of as sci-fi, but that all of which are already here.


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In fact, while I hope you enjoy the keynote, the oddest thing about it is that nothing I talked about is sci-fi … we’ve already built them all. Enjoy!

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