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Futurist Keynote, Finland: The Future Customer Journey, Valmet



We are all customers on a journey, to discover, evaluate, , buy, and use things, but technology is changing our experience beyond all recognition.


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Firstly, thanks you to Kimmo for inviting me to be the keynote at this years Valmet global marketing summit where, along with Salesforce, we looked at how the global pandemic and technology are changing customer buying habits, the customer experience, and the customer journey – and the effect that all these have on B2B and B2C marketing behaviours  and methodologies.


Experts are starting to agree that AI will replace CEO's


During my keynote I discussed the Future of the Customer Journey, and the disruptive opportunities and threats that new technologies, such as conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and digital humans will have on customer buying behaviours, and how organisations will be able to digitise customer experiences that were only previously available as physical ones via augmented and virtual reality.


The Future Customer Journey, by Keynote Matthew Griffin


I also showed the audience how new forms of bleeding edge AI’s and gaming engines that can auto generate photo realistic hyper personalised advertising and marketing content at global scale for cents on the dollar which, once mature, will do nothing less than revolutionise the entire industry.


Swarms of millions of molecular sized robots get busy building nanoscale stuff


And then we bought a car with our face, with time, with crypto, before we had to repeat the journey all over again.

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