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Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of Health and Wellness, Willis Towers Watson



By the year 2028 new medical breakthroughs could start extending our lives by over a year for every year lived …


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Firstly, thanks to Mark and Kevin for inviting me to present and discuss the Future of Health and Wellness at Willis Towers Watson’s annual European Summit which, as is the norm these days, was run as a virtual event.


Futurist keynote, London: The Future of Blockchain, Marketforce Blockchain Summit


This year’s event was in stark contrast to the last Future of Healthcare event that we all last did together which was held in person at the IMAX theatre in the London Science Museum, and it was somewhat disappointing to go from presenting on one of the world’s largest screens to the tiny laptop screens that everyone used to log into the event. But these are the times we live in – and by now we’re all used to living life through our various devices.


See the virtual keynote in full


Also ironic was the fact that during that original event I talked through some of the US military’s pandemic response projects, like DARPA’s P3 project, the evolution of vaccines and vaccine development, and numerous other healthcare innovations that have all been supercharged because of the pandemic.


Scientists use defects to create a new programmable material


To date the global pandemic has claimed the lives over 3.7 million people, cost the global economy an estimated $40 Trillion, and as I discuss during my keynote not only have emerging technologies, such as 3D printing, advanced computing, AI, and genomics, been integral to helping tackle it, but they’ve now firmly secured their place in helping make the future of healthcare, and all its sci-fi like benefits, a reality for all of us.

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