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Futurist Keynote, Sweden: The Future isn’t Digital, ME



Everyone talks about the future being digital – but it’s going to be much, much more than that …


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Firstly, thank you to Anton and the Management Events team yet for again asking me to present on the future of digital and digital transformation which is a top of mind topic for almost every executive in every industry – from the likes of JP Morgan Chase who are spending $13 Billion a year on what their Global Head of Strategy calls a “Once in a generation opportunity,” to the sole proprietors and entrepreneurs who see it as a way to conduct business anywhere in the world seamlessly and without borders.


Futurist Virtual Keynote, Malaysia: The Future CIO, Management Events


Digital is the business opportunity – and threat – that noone can ignore so it was with some aplomb that I chose to tell the distinguished audience that the future, in fact, was not digital – it’s much, much more.


Watch the keynote – Rewind and Replay


As we see the adoption and development of faster computers and cloud and edge computing platforms, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, the Metaverse, as well as Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, let alone so called MXR – sensory immersive reality technologies – the future isn’t going to be “just” digital. It’s going to be a coming together – a unification – of the digital, physical, and virtual worlds. And the opportunities that this gives rise to – as you can see from the keynote – to change everything from the way products are designed and sold and beyond, mean that becoming a digital organisation is only the beginning of a fantastic journey.


Futurist Keynote, UK: The Future of Education, Learning, and Work for Winchester College


Sit back, chat with your AI companion, get your robot to grab you a beer from the fridge and rewind and replay the video.

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