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Futurist Virtual Keynote, UK: The Future is GREAT, HM Government



Every industry is being disrupted from the core by new innovations and technologies, and that gives the UK limitless opportunities to lead.


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Firstly, thank you to Christiana at the UK Government’s Department of International Trade for asking me to be the keynote at their annual get together where we discussed and explored everything the future has to offer, and how the UK Government can use it to spur growth, investment, and jobs, in the UK.


Scientists make biodegradable plastic from sugar and carbon dioxide


Today there isn’t a single industry that isn’t undergoing dramatic change or disruption. Furthermore, those changes are happening faster and with more voracity than ever before, which in turn is affecting the global status quo and giving all manner of challenger countries, from China and Singapore, to the UAE and beyond, the opportunity to overtake the incumbent leaders and write the future in their image.


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During the keynote I discussed not only the pace of change, its implications, and how it’s accelerating, but also dove into a variety of different industries and topics, from agriculture and energy, to wellness and transportation, to show the depth of those changes.


Futurist Keynote, Birmingham: Investing in the Exponential Era, Personal Finance Society


Changes which, from the UK Government’s perspective, are all opportunities to change the world, change the status quo, and bring new levels of prosperity to the UK, its citizens, and its partners.

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