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Futurist Keynote, London: Investing in the Future, Bloomberg



We are increasingly reaching the point where we can disrupt global industries within the space of weeks and days, and that has a significant impact on investors and investment strategies.


Firstly, thank you to Parker and the team at Bloomberg for inviting me to be the keynote at their first ever RiskTech event that took place at Bloomberg’s new billion dollar London HQ, the world’s greenest office building, where we discussed the future of investing, Bloomberg’s revolutionary new single data model, robo-lawyers, derivatives and structured products, and using machine learning to manage price and risk. And much more.


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Before the event I was told the new building was also one of the most secure in London, and because Bloomberg host so many of the world’s dignitaries it’s also completely bomb proof, but in spite of all the security, and in a sign of the times to come, I still managed to sneak in in one of China’s newest policy makers under their noses and he, or should I say it, made an appearance during the keynote.


Futurist Keynote, Malaysia: The Future of Food 2.0


During the session I talked about the accelerating pace of global change and disruption, previewed some of the companies of the future, and demonstrated how soon we’ll be able to disrupt entire global industries in a matter of days, not years or decades, and the impact that will have on investors and investment strategies.

And as for the world’s most sustainable and green building? Well, it’s an awesome place…

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