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Futurist in the press: Coronavirus and the future of air travel, Business Standard



As Covid takes a wrecking ball through the global airline industry we take a look at what happens next and its impact on global travel.


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Firstly, thank you to Sai at Business Standard for asking me to opine on the future of air travel in a post coronavirus, or Covid-19, world – a world where the old normal no longer applies, and where the new normal has less choice and more surveillance. But with a twist.


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Commercially of course Covid has smashed through the aviation industry like a wrecking ball going through a sheet glass window, and when we come out the other side the only thing that is certain is that the airline junk yards are going to be fuller, the bankruptcies bigger, and the level of surveillance within airports and ports of entry are going to be greater.

All that said though while the former might not surprise you the level of surveillance at airports and the accuracy with which future surveillance systems will be able to assess your health and wellness, from your character and emotions, to your physical wellbeing, will likely surprise you.


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From lasers that can identify you from your heart beat and calculate the likelihood of your having a heart attack then and there, to the AI and machine vision systems that will be able to give you a more thorough check up than that grabby local doctor of yours by the time you reach check in airports will know your state of physical and mental wellbeing better than your own partner. And if you want to know how that’s possible, well, then read the article below.



Source: Business Standard

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