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This AI will design your house, over and over again



Architects are faced with lots of monotonous tasks, and this new AI tool will help eliminate alot of the grunt work.


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Recently, I discussed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a new breed of Creative Machines was being used to help design everything from cities to NASA planetary rovers, and now architecture studio Wallgren Arkitekter and Swedish construction company BOX Bygg have created an AI design tool called Finch that can generate new building floor plans and adapt them  according to the space available – and while this might sound like quirky work, as we begin to 3D print everything from military barracks through to family homes and 80 storey skyscrapers, having an AI that can help design buildings will no doubt come in very handy indeed. Furthermore, as AI and drone technology helps us develop the world’s first fully autonomous construction sites this additional development could mean one day machines control the entire construction process – from initial building concept and design, through to final construction and fit outs.


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Finch, that you can see working below, will be launched in 2020 as a plug-in to visual programming tool Grasshopper within 3D computer graphics software Rhino.


The tool in action


“The idea of Finch is to create a more user-friendly tool for architects to be able to enjoy the benefits of parametric design without any knowledge of Grasshopper or coding,” said Pamela Wallgren, co-founder of Wallgren Arkitekter.

The parametric design tool, which is currently under development, uses data inputted into it on the size of the building and local planning regulations to create an optimum internal plans either in two or three dimensions.


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“It generates plans based on a set of rules designed by an architect to make sure the space works satisfactory,” added Wallgren.


The tool can design both 2D and 3D plans


Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg are intending to improve the tool later this year, before it is officially launched, by adding more parameters so that it can generate plans that take into account the orientation of buildings and their style.

“At our office we use it to leverage our designs,” said Wallgren. “By minimising tedious and repetitive tasks we free up time for design work.”


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Parametric design is increasing being used by architecture studios to create interesting forms that would not have been possible using traditional techniques, and this will inevitably just be the start of a huge new trend that sees machines taking over more of the design process.

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