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Every day there are countless new, amazing technological and scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that with the right nurturing could not only help individuals and organisations build the future in front of our very eyes, but that could also transform the very fabric of global culture, industry and society.


During my keynotes, which cover almost every topic imaginable, from the Future of Money, and Transportation to the Future of Disruption, and Trust, I take audiences on a journey and bring the future to life, giving them first hand access to unprecedented insights into the future and, perhaps more importantly, the critical thinking, tools and vision that help them build, invent and lead their own futures.

The Future of Minds &Machines, Innovation in Giving, Dubai

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Futurist Keynote, London: Limitless with the University of Greenwich

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In this keynote session futurist Matthew Griffin discusses how technology is redefining human potential, human learning, and opening the door to the greatest era...

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Matthew's Testimonials

I’m always awed by the amount of effort it takes to put on the events I speak at and the dedication and persistence of the people who organise them which is why I always aim to go above and beyond. Therefore, it is with no small amount of gratitude that I thank you all for providing me with some awesome testimonials and thank you all for doing me the honour of inviting me to play a privileged role in your events.




Sapna Shah Events Manager, Accenture
Nick Eley VP of FX and Financial Trading, Lloyds Banking Group
Huw Evans Director General, Association of British Insurers
Bartt Kellermann CEO, Global Acquisition
Jay Connolly Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons
Matthew Edwards Head of Production, MarketForce
Vera Levitskaya CEO, JKU Associates
Kelly Meredith CEO, Nomadic Verve
Paul Cunningham Content Director, CommsVision Europe
George Bailey Marketing Director, ClearVision
Jordan Shorto Conference Producer, Marketforce
Robert Dessert Director of Global Strategy, Qualcomm
Jacqui E'Silva Events Director, ITWeb (SA)
Noel McAvennie CEO, Nordic Digital Business Summit
Rama El Safty Events Director, ChangeNOW
Bartt Kellermann CEO, Global Acquisition
Harald Federspiel Director,
Ayse Alantar Marketing Director, STOXX
Mel Gray CFO, RDW
Chantel Kaur Marketing Director, Castleton Plc
Lindsey Oliver COO, BBGA
Michael Lee Director, Quoniam
Peter Kennedy Managing Director (EMEA), Accenture
James Nesbitt CEO, Cyber Senate
Ann Boyd Vice President, Cherwell Software

The Future of Capital Markets, London, UK

“Matthew delivered a very interactive and engaging keynote on ‘Living and Launching in the New’ at our flagship Capital Markets Summit in London. I, and everyone else in the audience were definitely whizzed into the future and we’re already pondering how the world is imminently going to change and the impact it will have on our lives!!”

Disrupting the Future of Finance, London, UK

“Matthew’s speech and presentation was one of the most engaging and interesting I’ve ever seen – live or on the internet. It was delivered by a stellar speaker in a fun and succinct manner and the content was cutting edge.”

The Future of Insurance, London, UK

"Matthew was a fantastic keynote speaker at the recent Biennial Conference on how insurance and the long term savings markets were changing because of the digital revolution. He was clear, passionate and very successful at condensing a significant amount of knowledge and experience into an accessible series of contributions. His rating from delegates was outstanding."

Battle of the Quants, Frankfurt

"Matthew Griffin was selected as the Keynote for the Battle of the Quants – Frankfurt. Matthew came highly recommended and he produced a riveting, informative and convincing speech which pointed out that the future is happening all around us. Matthew does not slow down as he methodically explores a variety of business models and identifies how they are being or about to be disrupted. From Machine Learning submersibles zapping bacteria on Salmon to autonomous flying cars, Mathew lays out the technologies that are going to affect society in a very understandable and easy to follow and entertaining style. I highly recommend Matthew for any keynote address."

The Future of Law and the Workforce, Paris, France

“I asked Matthew to speak to the leadership team during a workshop in Paris and shine a light on the future of work, based on realities today and advances we will see tomorrow, so we’d be in a better position to manage what’s coming over the next decade. His talk was inspiring, eye opening and forced everyone to ask themselves difficult questions about the impact that new technologies will have on the business, way we work and our lives.”

Blockchain and the Future of Finance, London, UK

"Matthew helped make our 'London Blockchain Summit' a resounding success and his keynote and participation made the event one of the most exciting MarketForce events I have been to this year, so thank you."

The Future of the Workforce, London, UK

"Matthew was a keynote speaker at our cross industry insights event, sharing his views on the 'Future of the Workforce'. He was simply great and we received lots of positive feedback. He carefully balanced the high level trends with concrete examples, tailoring the message to the audience. His talk was inspiring, fascinating and forced everyone to ask themselves difficult questions about the impact of new technologies on their businesses and daily lives."

The Future of the Enterprise and Mobility, Cape Town, South Africa

"We invited Matthew to be the keynote at our Enterprise of the Future forum in South Africa and it was without a doubt one of the best decisions we've made as a business. Matthew's presentation, content and networking added tremendous value to the forum as a whole. what set Matthew apart from the 'run of the mill' keynote speakers was his passion, he opened the forum and set the tone for what resulted in a highly productive, collaborative and energized three days. His depth of understanding and knowledge of multiple industries made his input valuable to the entire audience and facilitated a number of strategic conversations. In summary, Matthew has been invited to participate at all of our future forums and we would highly recommend him as a Futurist and speaker."

The Future of Communications, Glen Eagles, Scotland

"Matt's keynote at CommsVision was an insightful and highly engaging perspective on disruptive technologies that challenged our delegates to re-think the impact on their own business models and those of their customers. The immediate response and subsequent feedback from our audience of over 120 CEO's and owners of the UK's leading communications providers was off the charts."

The Disruptive Future, London, UK

"Our event ran with the tagline 'Challenge Your Strategy' and Matthew more than delivered on this promise. His keynote speech covered an incredible array of emerging technologies at breakneck speed, in a unique radar format. The examples he covered bought home both the opportunity and disruptive threats for business, and everyone in the audience is sure to take the title 'Futurist' seriously after today."

The Future of Customer Experience, London, UK

"Enthusiastic and engaging, it was a pleasure to have Matthew Griffin chairing OpsTech FS. Encouraging audience participation, and leading the debate on crucial topics across financial services from AI to Blockchain, and the future workforce, Matthew was at home among the forward-thinking executives who were sharing their experiences of digitally transforming and innovating their organisations and industry."

The Future of Intelligent Machines, San Diego, USA

“We asked Matthew to lead a discussion with world experts in artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics, and he far exceeded our expectations. He brought to the table an incredible breadth of knowledge far beyond simply AI to open the conversations to implications in labor, education, transportation, and user experiences. At the conclusion, Matthew provided insightful and actionable conclusions that we were able to take back as guidance for our senior executives and business unit leads. We look forward to further engagements with Matthew as we explore other global trends.”

The Future of Innovation, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Matthew Griffin provided a highly insightful and thought provoking presentation at the Enterprise mobility event on the future of innovation that sparked frenzied and engaging conversation. His topic resonated with the attendees and they found themselves questioning what they are currently doing and how they could remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. A definite draw card to any event.”

The Future of Transportation, Helsinki, Finland

"Matthew joined us as our international keynote speaker in October 2017 at the Nordic Digital Business Summit, to explore "The Future of Transportion”. His presentation was engaging and entertaining, opening up the very essence of the changing landscape of global technology developments that are driving changes in transportation. Matthew’s presentation style is such that he draws in the audience to hang on his every word, injecting humour and “wow” moments whilst keeping the content at a level that the audience can understand. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Matthew as a keynote speaker and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

The Future of Sustainable Cities, Paris, France

"I met Matthew Griffin at ChangeNow2017, where he was invited as a keynote speaker and Master of Ceremony for his great knowledge and foresight concerning the future of technologies. He sure is one the innovation industry’s most influential minds. His speeches on the topics of ‘Building the Sustainable City’ highly inspired the audience, who gained a fresh perspective on the major trends that are transforming industries and our lives. He used humour and bold statements backed up with solid market data to stir the audience to reconsider some of the industry’s conventions. In sum, it is my pleasure to give Matthew Griffin my recommendation as a keynote speaker on any topic concerning disruptive innovations, technology or future trends. He will deliver valuable information in an inspiring and impacting way."

Battle of the Quants, London, UK

“Matthew, once again thank you very much for inspiring our attendees at the London Battle. Your presentation was fascinating and the audience thrilled with your analysis. I have never seen so many people approach a speaker following a talk. In addition, we have had a bunch of follow up meetings with our sponsors and we continually hear what a phenomenal presentation you gave so a BIG thank you!”

Henkel Innovation Summit, Vienna, Austria

“Matthew was selected as our keynote speaker to present on the Future of FMCG at the Henkel Innovation Day organized by Pioneers. He did a fantastic job and showed the audience how the rapid pace of technological progress will affect how the industry manufactures, markets and sells its products in the future, and then discussed how new, autonomous innovation trends will impact the industry over the next ten to twenty years.”

The Future of Investing, London, UK

“Matthew is an excellent speaker with profound know-how, and it was the best idea to kick off our STOXX Annual Event with his presentation! Thank you Matthew - it was a huge pleasure to have you at our conference and your sessions ranked as the most liked by all the participants. I would love to work with you again!”

The Future of Transportation, Beaulieu, UK

“Matthew’s presentation was without question the most fascinating, thought provoking and extraordinary talk I have ever heard.”

The Future of Communities, Milton Keynes, UK

“Matthew delivered an phenomenal, engaging and thought provoking keynote on ‘The Future of Communities’ at our Customer Conference. We really appreciate the time and effort he took to make his content relevant and relatable to our audience, he truly helped us to position ourselves as a forward thinking organisation. The session was extremely well received and many referred to it as the highlight of the event! Matthew’s personality, passion and broad expanse of knowledge makes him an ideal speaker for any event; we look forward to working with him again on future projects.”

The Future of Aviation, Luton, UK

“Matthew was our Keynote speaker at our annual conference. With the theme of the event looking at the Future of Aviation Matthew’s opening presentation focused on futurist transportation. He had the audience engaged right from the ‘get go’ and had clearly researched the audience type in advance. His presenting style is warm yet professional. The content was nothing short of awe inspiring – it was, and remains still, the talk of the event.”

The Future of Quant Investing, London, UK

“Matt was our guest presenter at our recent annual investment conference in London. He provided a thought-provoking and entertaining session enjoyed by all in attendance. Matt’s delivery and content was outstanding, his passion and knowledge of current and future technological trends is extraordinary. Matt’s vision and expertise means he can justifiably lay claim to being a pre-eminent futuristic thought leader.”

The Future of Capital Markets, London, UK

“I find that crystal ball gazers are often surprisingly narrow in focus, and Matthew’s huge strength is pulling disparate strands together, as well as his extraordinary energy.”

ICS Nuclear Conference, Cyber Senate

“Matthew is a great speaker and we thoroughly enjoyed his keynote at this year’s Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear conference. Participants were educated on future emerging technology, disruptive innovation and the threats these new developments pose to critical national infrastructure. Nobody has a crystal ball but it’s great to meet people like Matthew who can create a timeline based hypothesis on where we could or will be, by looking at past data, trends, and if current research and development continue what that technology will look like, and be capable of, in the future.”

Adapt or Die, Reading, UK

“Matthew was a riveting speaker and an absolute pleasure to work with. He engaged in all aspects of our event from content to promotion and created a highlight of the conference. His quick wit and dramatic, if not sometimes mind-boggling, stories of the not-so-distant future can’t help but drive understanding and action!”

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Futurist Virtual Keynote, UK: The Future of Customer Experience, The Supper Club

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The future of CX is personalised, real time, and convenient, obviously, but what happens when Creative Machines can make you the perfect product on...

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