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Adidas dives into the Metaverse with AI created avatars and banging sneakers



The metaverse presents an $8 Trillion opportunity and companies are experimenting with a trend that could dominate future commerce and entertainment …


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Nike has been messing around in the metaverse for a while now, and over 7 million people have visited its metaverse store, so naturally Adidas also wants in. So, to promote the arrival of its latest Ozworld collection, Adidas Originals is launching what is pitched as “the world’s first personality-based AI generated avatar creation platform” with Ready Player Me.


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Users can design an avatar – which one day could be its own virtual being – through the online Ozworld experience and use it throughout over 1,500 metaverse apps and games, letting them explore virtual worlds with a consistent identity.

According to an online post, the experience “champions the essence of individual personalities rather than physical appearances by prompting users to answer a series of questions – including picking their favourite Ozworld footwear silhouette – in order to learn more about who they are.


Meet Ozworld


“Once this information has been shared, the platform will translate the input into a unique digital avatar that takes aesthetic inspiration from the collection’s dynamic visual codes,” says the post, adding, “Having generated their characters, users can experiment by animating their avatars, as well as digitally trying on and purchasing sneakers from the collection. Meanwhile, every user will be able to download their Ozworld alter ego to deploy as stickers and GIFs across their social media accounts.”


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The Ready Player Me tie up, it claims, is “the first brand partnership that pushes the limits of the platform, offering interoperability in generative avatars with over 1,500 different metaverse apps and games.”

It concludes: “Championing new possibilities to create, collaborate, and belong, the Ozworld platform launch is the next bold step in Adidas Originals’ ambition to create a truly open and optimistic metaverse for all.”

“As a leading voice for original thinking, the brand is opening up a unique new space for self-expression that is accessible and affordable for all.”

The experience launches to the public here on 16th April.


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Meanwhile, adiClub members and adidas NFT holders will be granted early access via a unique URL, with the first instalment of avatars arriving on 28th April.

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