In this keynote session futurist Matthew Griffin discusses how technology is and will continue to change how we travel whether it’s by road, rail, sea, or space …


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Firstly, thank you to Laura at the Australian Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) for asking me to be their keynote speaker at their annual Australasian Rail Safety Summit where I was asked to present on the Future of Rail 2070 and give the audience a deep future view of what the railways of the future will or could look like.


Futurist keynote, Reading: Adapt or Die, Cherwell European Conference


During my presentation, alongside other luminaries from the industry who discussed everything from the future of cyber operations in the sector through to the future of interoperability, safety, and skills, I took the audience on a journey through the global and regional trends and technologies shaping the future of the rail industry and its ecosystem of partners.


The Future of Rail 2070, by futurist keynote Matthew Griffin


Trends such as the rise of national and trans-continental High Speed Rail (HSR) networks that include everything from 600kmh wirelessly powered Maglevs through to the latest 2,500kmh Chinese T-Flight hyperloops. And then I took them on a journey through the future of Web 3.0 enabled autonomous operations, the future of competition, and way beyond.


Gallium "heartbeat" discovery gives re-configurable electronics a boost


As we see the rise of new supersonic and hypersonic transportation formats – for both cargo and passengers which include everything from aircraft and trains to rockets – as well as the emergence of new AI powered transportation systems, revolutionary new infrastructure construction technologies, and many other new innovations I showed the audience that the future of rail is going to be anything but dull, and also anything but certain …

About author

Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin, described as “The Adviser behind the Advisers” and a “Young Kurzweil,” is the founder and CEO of the World Futures Forum and the 311 Institute, a global Futures and Deep Futures consultancy working between the dates of 2020 to 2070, and is an award winning futurist, and author of “Codex of the Future” series. Regularly featured in the global media, including AP, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Discovery, RT, Viacom, and WIRED, Matthew’s ability to identify, track, and explain the impacts of hundreds of revolutionary emerging technologies on global culture, industry and society, is unparalleled. Recognised for the past six years as one of the world’s foremost futurists, innovation and strategy experts Matthew is an international speaker who helps governments, investors, multi-nationals and regulators around the world envision, build and lead an inclusive, sustainable future. A rare talent Matthew’s recent work includes mentoring Lunar XPrize teams, re-envisioning global education and training with the G20, and helping the world’s largest organisations envision and ideate the future of their products and services, industries, and countries. Matthew's clients include three Prime Ministers and several governments, including the G7, Accenture, Aon, Bain & Co, BCG, Credit Suisse, Dell EMC, Dentons, Deloitte, E&Y, GEMS, Huawei, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, Lego, McKinsey, PWC, Qualcomm, SAP, Samsung, Sopra Steria, T-Mobile, and many more.

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