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Futurist Virtual Keynote, Malaysia: The Future CIO, Management Events



The CIO’s role has always been integral to the business, but now it, and technology, are increasingly integral to the survival of the business.


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Firstly, thank you to Delaine and the team at Management events for asking me to keynote at their first CIOLive event, which ordinarily would have been held on site in Malaysia, but because of the current COVID-19 pandemic was moved online.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has kept the same message to Wall Street for 22 years


CIO’s and technology have always played integral role within companies but as the global rate of change accelerates, and as the world adopts new increasingly powerful and capable technologies, it’s unsurprising that CIO’s are finding it more difficult than ever to future proof themselves and their organisations.


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From cloud to digital, from 5G and Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality, and from Robo-hackers to Robo-programmers, and beyond there is no part of the IT stack that isn’t undergoing some form of transformative change – and that presents CIO’s with both opportunities and challenges.


A trillion transistor computer chip just left a supercomputer in the dust


During the keynote I discussed how AI is helping companies transform legacy code, and disassociate it from the underlying hardware, how AI’s are evolving, how product development is being disrupted, and how we are already living in an era where AI’s can scan millions of lines of computer code to exploit of patch vulnerabilities in minutes that would have traditionally taken months or even years.

The future is fast, technology is a rocket ship, but with enough foresight CIO’s now have the ability to tame it for their advantage. I hope you enjoy the show!

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