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Futurist Keynote, Sweden: The Future of Retail and E-Commerce



During this keynote session with Ikea, Volvo, and others keynote speaker Matthew Griffin takes the audience on a journey into the near future to explore the future of retail and E-Commerce and answers the question: “What’s next?”


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Firstly, thank you to Elin at Management Events for inviting me to participate in their  future of retail event held in person this time in Stockholm in Sweden where brands that ranged from Ikea to Volvo came together to see and discuss the future of consumer behaviours, E-Commerce, sustainability, and much more.


Futurist Keynote, Paris: I, The Company of 2040, Accenture


During my session, which featured a keynote entitled The Future of Retail Re-Invented, and a panel session, I took the audience on a journey across the next decade and a future where Amazon and others are fully autonomous retailers – from the design of the products to their final fabrication and fulfilment from dark warehouse facilities – and a future where the very concept of E-Commerce has been re-invented by all manner of new technologies, from the metaverse to voice.


The Future of Retail and E-Commerce, by keynote speaker Matthew Griffin


We then explored alternative sales channels, such as voice and conversational AI, Digital Humans, and how Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and other related technologies, such as crypto, NFT’s, and tokens, will change not only how we buy products and services, but also the companies we’re buying them from.


Futurist keynote, London: The Future of Asset Management, Euromoney Asset Management 2.0 Summit


And, as the audience saw, when it comes to retail the only thing that’s changing is everything – whether it’s the emergence of Robo-Customers and the evolution of Direct to Consumer to Direct to Avatar, and that was all before we discussed the circular economy, sustainability, and all manner of other topics.

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