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Futurist Podcast: DeepFakes and the Future of Synthetic Content, The Mentor Project



DeepFakes are having an increasing impact on our society, but Synthetic Content is the real act we should all be watching …


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Firstly, thanks to Elyse at The Mentor Project for inviting me, for the second time, to be a guest on their podcast, and what a ride it was. As you can hear from the stream the main topic of conversation was the future of synthetic content, especially as it relates to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and so called Creative Machines to autonomously produce future Disney-like Marvel blockbusters and other content.


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And yes you heard that right – we talked about AI’s that in the not too distant future will be able to make their own blockbusters, oh, and we also talked about their impact on democratising content creation for all us newbs who couldn’t pen a good restaurant menu, let alone produce a blockbuster movie in our wildest dreams …

As always it was a great privilege to be a guest on the show and, now that AI’s can produce their own procedural podcasts, who knows how long it will be before guests like me are no longer needed. And that’s another story for another podcast … so stay tuned!


Enjoy the podcast:



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