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Futurist Keynote, London: Mastering the Exponential Era, Utilize



The future is already here, the rate of global change is accelerating, and now is the time to futureproof yourself.


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It was a great honour to be asked to be the keynote for  Utilize’s Christmas conference in London, in the UK. There’s no denying that SME’s are the backbone of every economy, and Utilize are a great example of a UK IT support company whose success and national awards are in no small way thanks to the dedication of their teams, the culture of the company, and their laser like focus on the customer and the future.


Google now sees a time when coding will be automated, rolls out AlphaCode


As a company Utilize service every sector of the economy, help keep vital services running, and help protect companies from the damaging effects of cyber attacks  – many of which are indiscriminate and many of which, without the support of companies like Utilize, would put many small business owners out of business. And for those of you who follow my blog you’ll know that all of these areas, as we witness the rise of everything from Creative Machines and Robo-Hackers and much more, are only going to get more complex and fast paced in the future, all of which makes it even more important that business owners have a trusted  partner that they can rely on.



During the session I discussed the disruptive innovations affecting multiple sectors, and, since it was coming on Christmas time, had some fun too and showed off the science fiction technologies that are now science fact, so I hope you, like the audience, enjoy the show.

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