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Featured Futurist: Change the World, Dare to Leap with Cherwell



Today there are still far too many companies that fail to see the enormous potential within their people, or provide them with the thinking, tools, and opportunities to unlock it.


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Today, everyone has the opportunity to change the world, more simply and cheaply than ever before, but you first have to make the scary step and get out of your chair.

In this interview short with Cherwell Software I explain how I took that leap myself, fell down a lot and got bruised black and blue all over, and struggled. Now though, with my associates and friends around the world, we’re helping unlock human potential and change mindsets around the world. If you’re afraid of getting out of getting out of your chair you have friends, like us, who will help support you, so reach out and let’s now talk about how we unlock your own exponential potential – for your own sake and for everyone else’s, no strings attached. Dare to Leap.


Everyone has potential, and deserves to realise it.

Monetising the Internet of Everything

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