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Introducing Biteseize Future S1E1: Disrupting the world in a day, with Aon



The world’s changing fast, so you could probably do with some fast insights.


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As regular readers will know the future is fast paced, complex, and dynamic, and it’s accelerating. Over the years most of the content I’ve created has been lengthy – whether it’s my Codex of the Future Series of books which are now some thousands of pages long, my interviews, keynotes, and videos which contain several thousand hours of content, or my blog which and its thousands of articles about the latest exponential technologies and innovations.

Despite all this content though I realise you’re busy and some of you have minutes to spare not hours or days so I’d like to introduce you to my new Bitesize Future series where in the space of just a couple of minutes, in video shorts, I and my clients will highlight important technologies and trends that make your head spin – or that’s the idea.

So, to kick things off let’s take a 90 second look at the speed of disruption.


Bitesize Future: Series 1 Episode 1

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