The world of aviation and travel is changing, it’s getting faster, more autonomous, more entertaining, more personalised, and more sustainable for starters.


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Firstly, thank you to Yolanda and the team at Netflights for asking me to contribute to their Future of Air Travel 2050 paper, the reality of which I’m very much looking forward to realising as I sit here waiting to board an eleven hour flight on a Boeing 787 out of Chicago.


Airbus will test its new "Sky taxi" later this year


As we continue to see every sector be transformed by technology as I’ve discussed before the aviation industry isn’t immune. Not only is the sector facing new forms of disruption in the shape of new Mach 1 and even Mach 3 trains like the Hyperloop, as well as new developments in Mach 27 rocket travel that could get you from one side of the planet to the other in just 45 minutes, but it could also be disrupted by the emergence of autonomous hotel rooms. Yes, you heard that last one right.

Despite all these external disruptions though the sector will be fighting back with the emergence of new supersonic and stunning hypersonic aircraft concepts, and we’ll continue to see the electrification of aircraft and the emergence of fully autonomous aircraft that fly themselves.


UK to ban the sale of combustion engine cars as early as 2032


And as for what the interior cabin experiences might look like, well, read the paper, but sensors will sense your mood and wellness, and adjust the cabins accordingly, the windows will be replaced by high definition displays and skins, and entertainment will be on tap courtesy of ultra-fast connectivity provided by swarms of low earth orbit satellites and virtual reality and augmented reality smart contact lenses –  after all VR headsets are so 2030’s.



Source: Netflights

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