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Featured Futurist: The pandemic has exposed just how flexible companies need to be, WIRED



The rate of global change and disruption was accelerating pre-COVID, but now, as we look towards the “Post COVID era” it’s been turbocharged and companies need to adapt like never before.


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Firstly, thank you to Catherine and Greg at WIRED for interviewing me for this article, and asking me to be the keynote for their 2020 events which, because of the pandemic, all inevitably ended up being virtual.

Ironically, the pandemic and what happens when we come out the other side to live in the “new normal” and come to terms living with the virus over the longer term rather than without it, also became the focus of the article as well as those events as individuals everywhere sought to understand the pandemics short and long term implications on everything from the future of work and society, right through to its impact on every conceivable industry – from aviation and construction, to communications, energy, healthcare, retail, and beyond.


Google DeepMind uses bitcoin like tech to track NHS patient data


Suffice to say while I’ve experienced a number of epidemics up close, for example, Ebola with my work in Africa, as well as MERS and SARS, I like many people have never experienced this “once in a generation” pandemic event, so digging into it in detail, discussing it and its implications in open forums, and presenting its impact on the future was needless to say a sobering experience. It’s also one that we have to learn from and, fortunately, are.


Futurist Podcast: The Future of Everything, The Andy Rowe Show


In the meantime though, and while we all wait for the world to hit the restart button, get back to the new normal, and enviously eye a time when all we have to worry about is climate change, echo chambers, fake news, or “Truth decay” as Barack Obama put it recently, and the erosion of western democracy, you can read the latest post pandemic insights in our WIRED article. And as a final parting weird fact, did you know that WIRED’s subscriptions and page views have tripled in the past year because of the pandemic? There are some bright spots after all …

You can download a copy of the article below:



Source: WIRED

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