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Futurist Keynote, Slovakia: The Future of AI and Generative AI for SlovakiaTech


In this keynote session futurist Matthew Griffin explores the Future of AI and Generative AI and looks up to 25 years out at what the technology will do for and to society.


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Firstly, thank you again to Laura and the team at SlovakiaTech in Kosice, Slovakia for asking me to return as their keynote for the third time in as many years – this time to talk about the Future of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI, a topic that needs no introduction in today’s hype filled AI fuelled world.


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As we continue to see soaring AI valuations with companies like OpenAI reaching market caps of over $30 Billion in just a few months and AI powered apps such as ChatGPT smash through the 100 Million monthly users barrier to become the fastest growing app in the history of everything, to say that this is a white hot area right now would be an under statement.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence, by Keynote Matthew Griffin


However, while many people know OpenAI and other AI developers such as Amazon, Anthropic, Baidu, Google DeepMind, Meta and others for their Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots when you dig deeper into the world of Generative AI, as I have for the past decade, you’ll suddenly realise that everything that’s happening is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And you’ll also realise that you’re missing many of the most interesting capabilities of the technology.


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In this keynote I explored the future of AI and Generative AI, looking to the year 2045 and beyond, explore “what comes next,” dive into the world of AI creativity, and explore the corners of the AI universe that very few see – all with intriguing and mind blowing results.

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