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As marketing gets automated Revolve show off their AI generated billboards



Increasingly we won’t need humans to create, publish, or distribute advertising content …


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Revolve has upped its efforts in digitalisation, unveiling what it says is “the world’s first” Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated billboard campaign. Entitled ‘Best Trip’, the campaign is a celebration of the retailer’s 20th-anniversary, and looks to signify its past, present and future through the artwork.


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The imagery was developed in collaboration with AI studio Maison.Meta and appears on several billboards in California that will be visible throughout the month of April.


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As an additional part of the campaign, Revolve is also producing and selling a limited edition capsule collection from the designs seen in the imagery, which is currently available to purchase throughout spring.


This was all generated by AI, and it’s only going to get better

In a release, Michael Mente, co-founder and co-CEO of Revolve, said: “Technology is a big competitive edge for us and allows us to continue to win. Through AI, we’ll be able to explore new emerging designers, brands, and trends that we are known for delivering in unique ways.


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“We’ve known the Maison.Meta team for a long time, and they understand our vision. We knew they’d be the best people to bring this AI campaign to life. This brand-elevating moment sets the tone for where we are heading.”

To continue building on its presence in this area, Revolve will also be partnering with Maison.Meta on further AI initiatives this year, including the firm’s upcoming AI Fashion Week in New York on May 20 to 21.

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