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Futurist Keynote, UK: Reverse Brainstorming, RSM



During this keynote session keynote speaker Matthew Griffin discusses how Reverse Brainstorming can help anyone and everyone ideate and innovate solutions to all manner of problems, no matter how complex by reversing this thinking.


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Firstly, thank you to Janye Mansfield, the CEO of RSM Global, the world’s largest network of audit, consulting, and tax experts with over 51,000 staff in over 123 countries and 860 offices, for asking me to present on the power of Reverse Brainstorming.


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As their industry changes beyond all recognition, whether it’s thanks to digitisation, new ways of working, ESG regulations and reporting, and more, and as their experts struggle to stay up to date with all these changes so they can advise their clients to the level they’re accustomed, the RSM was looking for new insights and new ways of thinking that would help them create a robust and resilient 2030 plan for the organisation.


Reverse Brainstorming, rewind and replay


As you know, when it comes to technologies, trends, and wildcards I know a thing or two, but having written several books on innovation, strategic foresight, and strategy in this particular case they wanted me to dive deeper into the power of negativity to help open their eyes to new ways of thinking and solving problems.


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Put simply Reverse Brainstorming is a very effective ideation and innovation tool that many organisations around the world use to solve some of their most difficult problems, but as you cans see from the video rather than looking for solutions people look for anti-solutions – how to make those problems worse – which they can then reverse in order to find new innovative solutions. And, if you think that that all sounds counter intuitive, then try it for yourself and see how you get along then drop a me a comment.

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