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Futurist Keynote, USA: The New Normal and the Future of Food, Richs



A revolution in how we produce food means that the UN’s predictions of future wars over food could be plain wrong …


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Firstly, thank you to Dwight and the team at Rich’s Products, a $4 Billion US food manufacturer who ironically started their own origin story by disrupting the US dairy industry back in 1945, when dairy products were rationed during World War 2, with the first non-dairy creamers, and then again in 1960, for asking me to be the keynote at their annual leadership camp.


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Fast forwards to today and their industry, the food industry, is being disrupted again but this time it’s not by war – fortunately – it’s by technology, need in the form of multiple global crises, and human ingenuity.


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During my keynote I discussed COVID-19’s lasting impact on global business, culture, and society, and the system level disruptions we’re seeing in how our food is produced and distributed. From plant based burgers and cellular agriculture, where we can take a cell from an animal and through the magic of bioreactors turn it into meat – from chicken nuggets and fillet steaks and beyond – to being able to 3D and 4D print “exotic” fruits I discussed it all.


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Then, to round it off I showed the audience the technologies we have at our disposal to solve global famine forever, and reduce the agricultural industry’s environmental footprint down to almost nothing. If you never thought re-foresting and re-wilding the Amazon was possible then this is a must watch keynote!

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