New materials are the key to unlocking many of tomorrow’s futuristic products and technologies and this isa just one example …


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Recently I showed off how the world’s most insulating material, an aerogel that’s feather light but can be ten times stronger than steel, managed to keep a YouTuber safe when he used it to touch molten lava. And now Oros, an innovative cold weather clothing company have introduced a new winter jacket that uses it to protect wearers from the extreme cold – and when I say extreme cold I mean it can keep them comfy in temperatures as low as a barmy -321F as their video shows.


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This isn’t the first time the company has launched a product using the material, it launched a winter coat a few years back, but this is their first full line using it and this time around the team has launched a full line of products that, while featuring aerogel as well, are lighter and thinner than in the past, keeping winter adventurers warm without weighing them down.


Staying comfy at -321F while being sprayed with liquid nitrogen – crazy!


Oros new line is called the Orion Series, and it uses SolarCore aerogel, a substance that insulates the wearer from cold external temperatures without becoming too hot on the inside. Said Oros’ founder Michael Markesbery: “Oros performance apparel brings something completely different to the game of outerwear and insulation and that is our SolarCore aerogel. Aerogel is an amazing insulator; it has to be since NASA uses it in outer space where the temperature is only 2 degrees above absolute zero … The new line of clothes gives you complete flexibility and comfort, a slim profile, are very lightweight and great looking so they are perfect for everything you want to do in the cold.”


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According to Oros, 3mm of aerogel in the Orion jacket has an equivalent warmth of 40mm of goose down, which would be incredibly thick if used. The video from a few years ago shows the jacket being tested at sub-zero temperatures via liquid nitrogen which gets the exterior jacket down to an absolutely barmy -321F while the wearer shrugs it all off. The new jacket weighs 2.5lbs which is 38 percent lighter than the previous version.

The company’s “SolarCore” aerogel appears to be more of a fabric in contrast to the legacy aerogel they used being flexible and breathable while offering “hydrophobicity, durability, [and] sound absorbency,” according to Oros.


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Other jacket features include a pair of interior pockets, one of which is a media pocket, adjustable wrist cuffs, large “pit zips” in the armpit region, and a hood. The jacket is presently offered in black, but Oros teases a second (not yet selected) color could also be made available. The jacket is joined by a pair of gloves equipped with the aerogel and an insulated beanie.

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