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Futurist Virtual Keynote, Malaysia: Future of HR and the Workforce, CWI



Technology is changing the way we work and the way we identify, hire, train, retain, and fire people, here’s how …


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Firstly, thank you to Sarmad and the team at CWI for asking me to be this years keynote at their annual Human Resources and Digital Transformation Summit which would ordinarily have been held on site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but because of the COVID-19 pandemic was held virtually instead.


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During my keynote, entitled the Future of HR and the Workforce, I delved into how HR has been transformed and augmented by new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what the next twenty years has in store for the future of the workforce, and the impact that those technologies will have on hiring, and the future of expertise and skills.


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I discussed the impact that new, powerful, almost surveillance like technologies are having on companies hiring practises and technology decisions, including how they can help HR teams gather increasingly granular information on candidates, including even screening them for personality, and intent to criminality as well as potential, then discussed the impact that the continuing digitisation of the workforce will have on the future workplace.


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From digitising individuals physical presence, with technologies like Microsoft MESH, and the impact it will have on virtual team collaboration, through to the ability of individuals to access skills on demand which could eliminate the global practice of hiring T-Shaped individuals, we discussed it all.

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