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Futurist Virtual Keynote, UK: The Future of Diversity, Inclusion, and Work, ENEI



We live in a diverse world full of richness and awe, and in a world where the rate of disruption is accelerating companies need agile, adaptable, and diverse workforces now more than ever.


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Firstly, thank you to Serita and Adrian for asking me to be the keynote at this years ENEI Global Summit where thought leaders from all around the world, and from all sectors, came together to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and the future of work.


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Throughout the day we heard state of the union addresses from companies as diverse as Anglo American and Lockheed Martin to the Atomic Energy Authority and London Fire Brigade who spoke about the progress being made around the world and in their respective territories, as well as the disparities that still exist and the challenges that lie ahead.

Today, D&I is a top of table agenda for many boards with more governments and investors around the world demanding greater hiring and wage transparency than ever before, but despite global pressure there is still a long way to go before today’s disparities and inequalities are eradicated.


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In Europe alone, for example, it is estimated that gender related pay will only reach parity in 2080 which is, ironically, a long time after many of the jobs that are in the spotlight today will have been automated by new AI and robotic technologies.


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During my keynote, and in the face of societal level disruption, I discussed the importance of having an agile and adaptable workforce, and the impact that the emergence of new technologies, such as digital humans that over time will be able to automate more cognitive work, will have on the human workforce and future D&I policies.

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