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Futurist Podcast: The Future of Work, Ingram Micro



In spite of the negative news about the impact of AI and automation on jobs the future of work has many surprising upsides for humans.


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Firstly, thank you again to the team at Ingram Micro who asked me to be the keynote for their global Ingram Micro ONE event, and Keri and Laura for inviting me to take part in their business podcast series to discuss disruption and the future of work – both topics that I covered in the keynote.


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As the rate of global disruption accelerates, as the world becomes more digital and connected, it should be increasingly clear to everyone that we now live in a time when one individual can impact the lives of billions and change the world at a pace and scale that would have been unimaginable even just a few decades ago.


Watch the companion keynote in full


There are two sides to every story, and while every disruption creates downsides and losers, depending on your point of view it also creates upsides and winners. For example, on the one hand AI and the automation of work will undoubtedly cause mass redundancies across sectors, but on the other they will also accelerate the democratisation of expertise and skills for the billions of people on the planet for whom those skills were previously out of reach – whether it’s application development, design and innovation, law, or a million other disciplines. And that’s what I delved into in the keynote, and that’s what we dig into deeper on the podcasts.



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