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two startups emerge to combat deepfakes at scale


Increasingly you won’t be able to believe what you see on any screen, so proving the authenticity of content is vital.


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As DeepFakes become an even bigger problem, as I predicted more than a decade ago PeakMetrics today announced a new partnership with deepfake and Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated media detection platform startup Reality Defender to combat digital deception and deepfakes at scale.


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The partnership will leverage PeakMetrics’ machine learning capabilities in mining and assessing billions of cross-channel online data points with Reality Defender’s deepfake detection technology to offer a new joint solution that is claimed to offer unparalleled protection for brands and executives against fraud, scams and impersonation on a macro data level.



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The joint solution is designed to alert organizations to deepfakes circulating online and in the deep web through an intelligence feed that contextualizes the narratives surrounding the deceptive media. Using deepfake detection technology, Reality Defender identifies manipulated content in real time as it emerges across social media, news and the deep web, allowing organizations to respond to potential threats, while PeakMetrics’ narrative analysis offers strategic insights into how deepfakes could affect reputation and perception.


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The combined service offers customizable alerts that allow brands to tailor the system to key areas of concern. Subscribers also receive PeakMetrics’ expert guidance on impact mitigation, from public relations strategies to legal recourse, to assist in the proactive protection of brand integrity.

“This partnership embodies our mission to defend the fabric of digital reality,” Reality Defender Chief Executive Ben Colman said ahead of the announcement. “Working side-by-side with PeakMetrics enhances our capability to scale deepfake detection to an unprecedented level, ensuring that brands can operate in a digital ecosystem where trust is paramount.”

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