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Futurist on the Radio: Can 3D printing solve the housing crisis? NewsTalk



Many parts of the world have a housing crisis, but promising new construction technologies could very well help change that.


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Firstly, thank you to the team at Newstalk for inviting me on air to discuss the future of housing, and whether or not 3D printing has the potential to solve many of the world’s current so called “housing crises.”

While 3D printing, today at least, is still in its infancy we have already seen a large number of construction projects around the world leverage the technology to 3D print everything from communities, family homes, and military barracks to government offices, up to 90 percent faster than we can build houses using traditional techniques and for up to 80 percent less cost.  And, as the technology and the processes are refined, as the speed increases and as the costs decrease further, in time it’s very difficult to see why this won’t be the way all future buildings are built.




You can listen to the radio interview below:



Source: NewsTalk

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