3D printed houses can be made quickly and cheaply, and for governments facing a housing crisis this disruptive new technology is becoming increasingly interesting …


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Firstly, thank you to Hannah at the Telegraph for asking me to contribute to her article in which we covered the future of housing, and more specifically the future of 3D printed houses and their ability to disrupt the construction industry and solve many country’s self-professed housing crises.


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This particular article was followed up with a number of radio interviews across a mix of European radio stations, and in the main it seemed that the vast majority of people felt that this technology does indeed have the potential to do what it says on the tin – namely reduce the cost and time it takes to build high quality, comfortable, affordable homes. Which, bearing in mind that technology always gets better, cheaper, and faster, means that it seems almost inevitable that as companies, like ApisCor and Icon improve their processes and technology, and as governments and local regulators continue to give them the green light, that this could indeed be the way that all future homes, as well as office spaces like these ones in Dubai, could be built. So, watch this space.


You can read the final article below:



Source: Telegraph (Paywall)

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