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Featured Futurist: The Exponential Future of Accounting, CPA



Today’s increasingly rapid rate of change is affecting every industry and every profession, and accountants now find themselves in a unique position to influence the future.


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Firstly, thank you to Roisin and Jenny for asking me to write this months cover story for Accountancy Plus, a CPA publication, which you can read for yourself below, where I discuss and explore the future of “Exponential Accounting” in an age where science fact is increasingly stranger than science fiction, and where accountancy professionals are increasingly likely to find themselves working alongside and competing against AI’s and Digital Humans as well as their more traditional human counterparts.


Futurist Podcast: Ethical Capitalism and Saving the Planet, ASM


Often seen as a traditional profession accountants today are having to figure out how they value and depreciate company assets in an age where we can increasingly manufacture and print assets, from buildings to sales inventory, multiples times cheaper than before and on demand, help their companies eliminate and reduce costs, as suddenly companies weigh the options of selling offices and embracing more mobile WFH practises, build sustainable companies, and wrestle the implications of what happens when biased AI’s start to play a central role in critical business decision making. And more …

You can download the final article below:



Source: Accountancy Plus

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