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Futurist Keynote, Ireland: The Remarkable Future, CPA Ireland



Every profession is changing, whether it’s the type of work that needs to be done, or who or what does it, and the accountancy profession is changing as fast as any other profession.


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Firstly, thank you to Eaamon, Jenny, and Patricia, for asking me to be this year’s keynote at their annual CPA Summit which was originally supposed to be held in beautiful Ireland but, as is the theme this year, ended up being held as a virtual event instead.

During the keynote, which I titled The Remarkable Future, I discussed the end of Shareholder Primacy, the 1990’s premise that puts shareholders interests above all else, after Jamie Dimon and his fellow Fortune 250 CEO’s decided at last year’s New York Business Round Table to prioritise investment in communities, their staff, and the future, over shareholder dividends.


Futurist keynote, London: The Future of Asset Management, Euromoney Asset Management 2.0 Summit


I then swiftly moved on to the future of the workforce, the value of a human face against a backdrop of an ever rising tide of Avatars, DeepFakes, Digital Humans, and Robo-Advisors who, while gifting organisations the ability to serve customers in new ways and help them create new customer experiences, will also, on the flip side of the coin, stretch their cyber security defences to the limits as they take identity and impersonation fraud to previously unimaginable new levels.


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Jumping between sectors I then discussed how new technologies are making the impossible possible – from helping solve famine to extending the human life span to beyond a hundred years.


Futurist on the Radio: Can 3D printed houses solve the housing crisis? TodayFM


Then I discussed the importance of Explainable AI in a world where AI is becoming more integral to the sector’s analysis and decision making capabilities, and the accounting profession’s role in helping their clients develop new sustainability programs and initiatives that will help them, and us, eliminate over 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions so that we can create a more liveable planet.

I hope you enjoy the keynote and don’t forget to sign up for our awesome XPotential Community for even more futuristic content.

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