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Disney Imagineers show off their amazing Holodeck



As our ability to create virtual worlds improves companies are looking for new ways to immerse themselves in the technology.


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A while ago I talked about a company that’s attempting to build the world’s first Holodeck that’s backed by none other than the Rodenberry Foundation which in turn is led by the son of Gene Roddenberry who invented the Star Trek concept in the first place, so naturally the fact that Disney have in essence created their own version of the “Holodeck” caught my eye.


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Walt Disney Imagineering is known for making the impossible possible so that’s why despite their offices and the Disney Parks being closed at the moment thanks to the current Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, they’ve decided to open up their headquarters and let people in for a full virtual tour.



Known as the DISH, which stands for Digital Immersive Showroom, the DISH is a virtual tool that Disney’s Imagineers use to “pre-visualise Disney experiences in a digital setting,” and it’s a crucial tool that lets them not just design better experiences for their guests, as and when they’re all allowed back into the parks, but experience and tweak them as well – all before they begin construction.


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In this video, Garrett Clark will take you from Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Resort, all within one room so sit back and enjoy the experience!

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