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Futurist keynote, London: The Future of Investing, STOXX Annual Conference


There has, arguably, never been a better time, or a risker time to invest in today’s markets, but as every industry undergoes titanic transformation investors who are ill advised, or who lack the right vision, could quickly find themselves on the wrong end of tomorrow’s markets.


Firstly, I would like to thank Ayse and the team from STOXX, part of the Deutsche Börse Group, for inviting me to be the keynote for this year’s STOXX Annual Conference, conveniently titled “Investing in the Future and the Future of Investing,” held at News UK’s head office in London, UK amid the hustle and bustle of London Bridge.


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During the keynote I threw several lights, in the time I could, on both the sources of change and disruption, and the prevailing factors that are accelerating and multiplying their impact on every industry, from agriculture to transportation, as well as the subsequent impact those disruptions will have on the audience’s investment and portfolio decisions. I then also discussed what the future holds for the investment industry itself, including the threats and opportunities they’ll face over the next decade, and beyond, as they wrestle to discover new signals that lead to alpha, and try and stay ahead and up to speed with the latest technological advancements.


Watch the keynote, The Future of Investing


Advancements such as in vivo Gene Editing, Robotics, and Space Internet systems, and the advent of  new universal DNAQuantum and Neuromorphic computing platforms that will not only revolutionise how many quant models are built in the near and medium future, but that will also revolutionise Artificial Intelligence (AI) itself, whether it’s in the form of the creation of completely new forms of quantum algorithms that can process matrices at massive scale with blazing speed, or the inevitable arrival of new self-learning computing platforms modelled on the human brain that pack the power of today’s largest supercomputers into the package the size of a fingernail.


In a world first an AI just made it's own synthetic human genome


Throughout the day the assembled audience heard from a variety of venerable speakers, ranging from Matthew Stevenson, a fellow “Futurologist,” who used his platform to extol the merits of investing in ethical, sustainable businesses with green credentials as he casually threw harpoon after harpoon into the whale that is big oil, and we also  heard from other venerable speakers, including the CEO’s of companies such as RepRisk and Carbon Delta, as well as Professor Myron Scholes, a Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences from Stanford University.

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