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Futurist in the press: Exclusive interview with Richard Branson, Metro newspaper



Richard Branson is one of the most iconic entrepreneurs of all time but sometimes you’ve got to give the critics fuel in order to create the future.


I have to admit I do sometimes have to sit back and pinch myself, after all, it was only a few months ago, comparatively, that the Discovery Channel interviewed me to illicit my opinions on Elon Musk and his vision for the future of transportation, and now, as we wave goodbye to January here I am again being asked to commentate on Richard Branson’s future visions. It’s a funny old world, but as I say in my interview, criticising people who are trying to make the world a better place, change the status quo and, or, push the boundaries of what’s possible is easy, but if more people got off the fence and holstered their poking fingers then we might already have managed to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

You can find the excerpt of my interview below, happy reading, and let me know what you think – am I right or wrong in my opinion?




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