Elon Musk is an amazing entrepreneur and thanks to the Discovery Channel I got to talk about his latest adventure.

Elon Musk is a crazy dude, in my opinion, in a good way. While most CEO’s are content running on the treadmill that is the status quo Musk is tearing up the books and pushing the boundaries of, well, pretty much everything.


Future Podcast: A Futurists View of the Fitness Industry, Membr


On the one hand he’s busy building out the world’s foremost electric vehicle company, Tesla, while juggling his responsibilities at one of the world’s hottest renewable energy start ups SolarCity with popping in to check on the progress of his Artificial Intelligence (AI) start up OpenAI, conquering space and colonising Mars with SpaceX, and hooking people’s brains directly into AI with NeuraLink.

Frankly, anyone who winges about not having enough time in the day should take a leaf out of his book. However, as if all that wasn’t enough he’s now gotten himself into boring machines, under the umbrella of his new, new venture The Boring Company, and he’s now using them to dig tunnels under Los Angeles in an effort to re-invent tunnelling and urban transportation.


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It’s probably fair to say that as a futurist I’m a great Musk fan so it was a nice surprise to be phoned up by none other than the Discovery Channel to do an on air interview about his latest venture – the Boring Company. You can see my debut below and it aired to over 25 million people – sorry about that folks.


Watch the interview in full

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