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Connectivity, digitisation, and new technologies are accelerating the rate of global disruption, and its impact on global business, culture, and society is increasing with every new cycle. As a result strategic foresight and scenario planning are now must haves not nice to haves.



THE FUTURE is ours to create and while we all have the responsibility to help create a utopian, rather than dystopian, future its benefits must be accessible to all of us. For many of us though reaping the benefits of this future, whether those are cultural, economic, or social, is little more than a pipe dream. Therefore at the 311 Institute it’s our mission to democratise access to the future and support and amplify the voices of people who create and promote change for good, which then brings me to the reason why this codex exists – to help each of you unlock your own potential and play your role in creating this fair future. 

The purpose of this codex is to give academia and governments the insights and tools they need to future proof students against the best and worst our shared future has to offer.

As a futurist I have the privilege of having a front row seat to the future and because I work with many of the household brands you use every day to build it it’s arguable that I know more about it’s intricacies, oddities, and nuances than anyone, which puts me in a good position to harness my knowledge and insights for you and your students benefits.

As a result of this I see first hand the giant gap between our current “Industrial Age” education systems curricula, forged long ago and little changed since, and the education system we need to have to ensure our children prosper not flounder in the future we’re creating.

I’m also not the only one with this view. From billionaire philanthropists and business leaders, to parents, regulators, teachers, world leaders, and even the education ministers of countries such as the UK and UAE I have yet to meet anyone who thinks that our current education system is fit enough to meet the of our future society or workforce. Or even today’s.

Ultimately, if left unaddressed this gap risks leaving hundreds of millions of individuals around the world in a future limbo where their future lives will be dominated by technology led change, which will happen at increasing speed, and by a jobs market that’s in a constant state of flux which they’ll struggle to find a place in, navigate, and understand.

It is my hope, therefore, that this codex and the Exponential Futures Curriculum (EFC) will help close this gap and give everyone, irrespective of their ability, background, or circumstances, the opportunity to contribute and prosper in the future.

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Matthew Griffin


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