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While many people are discussing the imminent disruption of the global insurance industry it is clear now, more than ever, that we are about to enter the insurance industry’s golden age, but the proliferation of new risks, and opportunities, are not without their pitfalls.

THE INSURANCE industry, it can be argued, is unique because, unlike other industries its services help support and protect every conceivable activity and every industry – both on and off world.

Consequently, when we discuss the future of insurance what we are also discussing, indirectly, is the future of global culture, industry and society, and their downstream impacts on insurers and the insurance marketplace.

The tight knit relationships between insurers and the sectors they support means that shock waves that take place elsewhere in the global system inevitably ripple back here, to the spiritual heart of the financial services industry. And as every industry, without exception, continues to experience the increased pace of technology fuelled change and disruption inevitably in time every insurer will have to re-balance their organisation and operations and come to terms with its impact.

As we approach the next decade shock waves, and therefore heightened risks, are all around us so it is easy to argue that there has never been a greater time to be an insurer.

In this, my inaugural “Future of Insurance &Beyond” report I’m going to provide you with net new perspectives that will help you identify new market opportunities, help you improve your competitive differentiation and help you create and capture new value.

However, what I can share here is only a small percentage of the whole picture, so to find out more about the strategic choices open to your company, talk to me.

Or Google it. Google’s also good.

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