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Featured Futurist: The Future of Exponential Healthcare, CPA



By the year 2028 there is consensus that emerging technology breakthroughs in healthcare will start extending the average human lifespan to 100 years and beyond.


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Firstly, thank you to Roisin for asking me to write a second cover story for Accountancy Plus, a CPA publication, which you can read for yourself below, where I explore the future of healthcare and its impact on the accountancy profession and their clients business and investment strategies.


Featured Futurist: Taylor Review of Modern Working Practises, The RSA


Following on from my first article for Accountancy Plus, where I discussed the Future of Exponential Accounting, this article takes a deeper look at the future of healthcare and how emerging technologies will improve everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing, and longevity. It also explores the very real monetary and societal implications of what happens when living to beyond 100 years old is commonplace, and what happens when 100 becomes the new 60.

You can download the final article below:



Source: Accountancy Plus

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