The rate of global change is accelerating and as the future unfurls in front of our eyes countries led by aspirational leaders are positioning themselves to lead it.


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Firstly I’d like to thank Adriana for asking me to contribute to Carphone Warehouse’s Preparing for the Future report where we dug into the countries who are at the forefront of preparing themselves for the exponential future and building it… and the ones who aren’t and who are likely to get steam rollered by it.


World first as drones and robots plant, tend and harvest their own crops


As the global rate of change continues to accelerate there has never been such an opportunity for insurgents to break the strangle hold of incumbents, whether those insurgents are disruptive startups working out of someone’s bedroom, or sovereign governments like China, Singapore and the UAE, who now, more than ever see the opportunity to not just write the future but own it.

In this report we discussed the countries which are best positioned to lead the fast and furious future and the ones which are likely to be left behind, and as you’ll see it makes interesting reading. Which then just leaves us with two questions: Is your country a leader or a laggard? And if they’re the latter what policies and strategies do they have in place to climb the ladder?

You can read the final article below:



Source: Carphone Warehouse

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