The Billion Journey Project shows how today just one idea can transform over a billion journeys a year, and clearly demonstrates the power of ecosystems and open thinking.


Firstly, a big thanks to Theo and David for inviting me to be this years keynote at the Go Ahead Group annual Billion Journey Project event held in London, UK. Go Ahead are the UK’s largest bus and train operator, and the majority of British citizens will have, at one time or another, used their services, but as the transportation industry morphs into the “Mobility as a Service” industry Go Ahead are the first organisation in their sector to build and scale their own innovation accelerator and ecosystem.


Musk unveils his plan to put a million people on Mars starting 2024


Aptly named the Billion Journey Project the initiative aims to touch and improve the 1.2 billion journeys people take every year on the companies multi-modal transportation network, and this event marked the coming of age of their second cohort with the group CEO, David Brown, presenting seven of the ten start ups with well deserved contracts that, in time will help the company realise its aspirations of becoming ticketless and .


Ideas can change the world


During my keynote I shone a light on some of the powerful emerging technologies that are increasingly turning science fiction into science fact, and walked the audience through the Future of Disruption, how they can leverage it, and what it means for individual industries that will soon be bearing the brunt of it.

I hope you enjoy the show, and I hope to see you at one of my events soon.


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